About M2

M² are consulting civil and structural engineers based in the South West and delivering projects across the UK.
We work across a wide portfolio of projects throughout the UK, covering all sectors of the built environment and are experienced at working on new build and refurbishments projects.
Client needs, creativity and communication underpin all our work. This allows us to deliver cost-effective and innovative solutions, to suit all of our clients’ needs.
At M² we understand every project is bespoke and we are adept at identifying the simplest solution. We aim to provide a creative input, along with acute technical skills, and we are very pro-active in our approach to tackling challenges.
Formed in 2020, M² is born out of the crucible of the COVID lockdown. Thriving on the opportunities afforded by virtual working to provide flexibility, dynamism and operational efficiencies that benefit our clients on projects and in savings. We utilise industry recognised design and detailing software to streamline our processes.

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